Do you know what to do when you see a Georgia school bus stop?

With metro Atlanta heading back to school, AAA is urging drivers to stay alert for children getting on and off the bus, not to mention those students who walk to school.

Fulton County School District hosted a AAA sponsored bus safety event Thursday as part of the AAA Schools Open Drive Carefully campaign. It aims to curb unsafe driving behavior in school zones and neighborhoods.

Officials want people to put down their cellphones, slow down and pay attention.


They are also reminding drivers about Georgia’s laws regarding stopping for school buses. When the red lights are activated and the stop sign arm is extended out, vehicles approaching a school bus must stop in both directions. All traffic must stop for multi-lane paved roadways with center turn lanes as well.

The only exception is if there is a divided highway with a barrier or an unpaved patch in the median.

However, regardless of the law, officials warn drivers to be alert and cautious whenever there is a school bus around.