DeKalb County police still looking for driver who caused crash, killing 4 people

The driver responsible for a hit-and-run that killed four people two months ago is still on the run.

It happened along Interstate 285 and Moreland Avenue in DeKalb County in February.

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

"Sometimes it's even hard to get out the bed," Deljuane Mitchell, Sr. explained. 

He said this is a gut-wrenching loss.

"Damaje and Chuck had called Deljuane, they were stranded. On 285, they were headed home," he explained.

Sadly, 19-year-old Deljuane Mitchell III and 17-year-old Damaje Favre' never made it.

The two cousins were among the four killed in the crash.

Mitchell's father said the two were always together and extremely close.

"They was different in age. Their mindset was the same. They wanted better for their family and that's what they were striving for," he detailed.

Favre’s mother told FOX 5 that Chuck, who is like a son to her, has a long road to recovery.

"Every part of his right leg is broken," Kautara Mitchell said. "Both of his ankles is broken. All ten toes, all ten fingers. There was an issue with his head. Physically he’s healing, mentally he has survivor's remorse."

Investigators said the hit-and-run driver struck the five men while they were outside of their cars around 1 a.m.

"There's too much technology out there for this to still be lingering," Mitchell, Sr. said.

Investigators said the car that caused the crash, a 2016 silver Honda Pilot EXL was stolen and abandoned at the scene.

The person behind the wheel, nowhere to be found.

"It hurts to know that my son is five minutes away from home and my nephew in a cemetery for life and there’s somebody out there living, free who killed four people, Kautara explained.

Police told us 47-year-old Robert Johns was engaged and set to marry next month.

They say the fourth victim was a truck driver who leaves behind a fiancé and small children.

Mitchell’s father said his first child is expected to arrive in two weeks, Favre' was the godfather.

"Now this child gotta be raised without his godfather and his father. What a life to have to live."

If you know who that driver is that's responsible for this crash, call  Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta or DKPD detectives at 770-724-7610.

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