Customer recalls Cherokee County spa shooting, shares video

A customer at the Cherokee County spa – one of three struck by violence this week – said the shooting occurred so quickly he didn’t have time to be scared.

The patron took a cellphone video of the immediate aftermath. The images are so graphic, FOX 5 News has chosen not to show but a limited clip.

Only minutes before the gunman entered the Young’s Asian Massage, the customers were escorted to a room and the masseuse began therapy.

"We heard a pow," the customer said. "We both looked at each other, then there was another pow."

The customer said he jumped off the table and hid behind a curtain.

"Then there was another shot, she dropped," he said, referring to the Asian woman who was doing the massage.

"I thought I was going to die," the customer said. He left the room after he heard other survivors yelling to call the police.

He said the gunfire lasted no more than sixty seconds. He did not see the gunman.

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