Curbing gun violence in Castleberry Hill

Residents of Castleberry Hill said street violence is jeopardizing their safety.

"Our quality of life is being impacted," said Patrick Collins, a vice president of the neighborhood association. 

Last Wednesday, more gunshots were heard, and nine shell casings were recovered by police. 

The area is popular with young people who like the nightlife and proximity to venues like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Police said a nightclub patron was on his way to his car when three men jumped out of a vehicle and fired in his direction. The young man was struck three times. He survived.

But paramedics found him collapsed in the middle of the intersection of Peters and Walker streets. 

The multiple rounds did not hit anyone else. However, during recent incidents, the gunplay pierced the windows of some of the dwellers.

"I live right across from Castleberry Hill," said Michael Bond, "so I hear the gunshots also".

Bond suggests commercial property owners augment their private security with off-duty police officers. The councilman said gun-toting young people may respect and behave in front of a sworn officer compared to private security officers who are deployed.