Road reopen: Another truck slams into historic Cobb County covered bridge

Concord Road covered bridge. (Credit: Cobb County Government via Facebook, Feb. 8) (Supplied)

Traffic reopened on Concord Road Wednesday afternoon after authorities said yet another truck slammed into Cobb County's historic covered bridge. Officials note this isn't the first, second or even third time something like this has happened in the area.

For years, FOX 5 has covered accidents at this notable bridge.

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Historic Concord Road Covered Bridge in Cobb County, Ga. (Source: Cobb County DOT, Dec. 2021)

The Cobb Department of Transportation said almost all the incidents in recent years have involved rental vans whose drivers were not familiar with the area and may have ignored the multiple warning signs leading up to the bridge.

In the case of Wednesday morning's accident, no damage was done to the bridge itself, but Cobb DOT said a crew was sent to repair a beam that was hit.

The Cobb County government posted about the incident on Facebook, saying the driver would receive a citation and an insurance bill for any repair-related costs.

The road was reopened just before noon.