Buckhead steakhouse 2022 shooting: Surveillance, bodycam video released

It’s been two years since 22-year-old Nygil Cullins was shot and killed by Atlanta police at a Buckhead restaurant. 

The 911 calls, surveillance video of the moments leading up to the shooting, and body camera video of the shooting itself were released on Monday. 

According to Atlanta police, on May 18, 2022, officers were called to the Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse on the 3100 block of Piedmont Road after a 911 caller reported an unruly man armed with a gun.

"We have a guy in here with a gun, and he's acting very, very weird," the caller can be heard telling the 911 operator.

Video in deadly Fogo de Chão shooting released

Officers arrived at the restaurant about 26 minutes later and found Cullins sitting at the bar, his feet reclined across an adjacent chair, and a salad in front of him. Investigators say he swiped the bottle from behind the bar and did not pay for it.

Police say Cullins was asked to leave by restaurant staff but refused.

Officers approached Cullins, their weapons holstered at this time, asking, "Bro, what's going on?"

Cullins can be seen standing up with his hands raised. Moments later, he appeared to duck down, appearing to try to get between officers and the chair in which he was sitting. For a brief moment, he was on all fours, and one officer tried to use the moment to push him to the floor.

Instead, he ends up on his back on the floor of the bar with officers pointing Tasers at him. He appears to kick one of the officers and the chair as he attempts to back away on his back.

An officer-worn body camera spots a gun in Cullins' waistband.

Other customers in the area immediately begin to scramble from the area.

"Stop!" one officer can be heard shouting.

"Put your hands on your f***ing head!" another officer shouts.

Without any verbal warning, one officer fires his Taser. Investigators say it was at this point, Cullins was reaching for that gun in his waistband.

Cullins rolls over briefly, reacting to the Taser.

Customers inside the crowded restaurant continue to scramble out of the way as Cullins finds his footing and runs around the corner with officers right behind.

Investigators say as Cullins was trying to flee the restaurant, he had reached for his gun.

A security guard and another officer force him to the ground between the host stand and the wall next to the door. 

Investigators say he fired a shot, hitting the guard once. 

Officers fired several times, striking him at close range.

At some point, the gun becomes loose and ends up on the floor next to Cullins' right hand.

Cullins could be seen putting his right hand down and officers opened fire again.

It was just over one minute from the time officers confronted Cullins to the time the last shot was fired.

A potted plant falls on Cullins, which the officer casts aside. The officer could then be seen kicking the gun away from Cullins' hand.

It was three minutes before another officer arrived, putting on gloves over Cullins.

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Police say an officer-involved shooting happened inside a popular Buckhead restaurant on May 18, 2022. (FOX 5)

Family of Nygil Cullins files lawsuit

Nygil Cullins’ family has been fighting to clear his name and filed a lawsuit in May, claiming he did not pose a threat to anyone. His family says that Cullins was having a mental health crisis.

Cullins' mother called 911, pleading for help on the day of his death. His family believes that the system failed him.

The family claims that the restaurant's security guard falsely portrayed Cullins as a physical threat, which led to the shooting.

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They are alleging inappropriate use of deadly force, negligence, and civil rights violations.

They are suing the police officers who killed him, the city, the restaurant, the security guard, and the company the guard worked for.

PREVIOUS STORY: Family of man killed by Atlanta police at Buckhead restaurant file lawsuit

Members of Cullins’ family and the NAACP Georgia president have already seen the video.

They released the following statement to FOX 5 Atlanta after the videos were released:

"The family hopes this marks the first step towards transparency by the Atlanta police. After a two-year struggle, they believe this tape will help clear Nigel Cullins's name and initiate the process of seeking justice and accountability from the Atlanta police. They eagerly anticipate the tape's release and plan to address the next steps in the case tomorrow."