Baby girl with umbilical cord attached found in 7-Eleven restroom in Dallas

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Police continue to search for the person who abandoned a baby at a convenience store in North Dallas over the weekend.

The newborn baby girl was found around 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the bathroom trash can at the 7-Eleven store on Preston Road near Royal Lane.

She was taken to a local hospital and is doing well, police said. On Monday they said the girl still had her umbilical cord attached. They are unsure if she was born in the restroom or somewhere else.

"Thankfully the baby is OK," said Dallas-Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Evans. "It clearly could've been a lot worse."

The news was a shock to customers.

“Leaving a child? It’s just despicable. There’s no words to describe it. I can’t believe people actually do this,” said Yvett Feiger, a customer.

“I don’t personally approve but I can understand where they’re coming from. I’m sure they were just crazily stressed out and just really driven up the wall. But I don’t think you should leave a child. It’s your child. It’s part of you,” added Robert Schmitz, another customer.

Under Texas law children younger than 60 days old can be left at a fire station or hospital emergency room. Leaving a baby in a convenience store bathroom is a crime.

"Right around the corner from that convenience store was a fire station and designated by state law, every fire station is a site where you can go drop your baby off, a safe baby site where you can drop your baby off, have no questions asked without consequence," Evans said.

Detectives are investigating the incident and hope surveillance video will help them locate the little girl's mother.