Friends remember slain Atlanta Metropolitan State College graduate as 'passionate warrior'

Many gathered Wednesday for a memorial service celebrating the life of Atlanta Metropolitan College trailblazer Corey Gladney.

Atlanta police say the 37-year-old got into an argument with someone on April 6 along Cooper Street, not far from a homeless camp where College Archivist Carolyn Harmon said Corey was living. Police say the prideful and resourceful young man was shot and killed there.

Also known as Nate, friends say he was quick to make sacrifices for those that he loved. 

"I felt like I owed him for all the times that I didn't have a sitter,"said Cladney's friend Essence Moody. "There were a couple of days actually he missed school because he said I can make up my class work, but you can't just find a sitter."

Family described Gladney as a passionate warrior who always spoke his mind. Ms. Harmon loved him like a son.

"He made us each one especially with me see myself because when I talk to him, he remembered everything I said, and he said ‘you treat me like your son,’ I said 'you're the only one that act like my kids my sons," she said.

Police are still searching for Gladney's killer. Anyone with information on his case is urged to contact APD.