Atlanta mayor brings back 'Pothole Posse' to fix city's major road hazards

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens is promising to make some big improvements to the city's street by bringing back a program aimed at fixing holes across the city.

Craters in the street are a common site on city roads and pose a major hazard to drivers.

"So many of the potholes have really only gotten worse since 2017 when I left," driver and Atlanta resident Jayke Watson said.

So the mayor has a plan to tackle the problem by bringing back the crew dedicated to fixing the street one pothole at a time.

The mayor announced the plan during his first State of the City address.

"We're bringing back the Pothole Posse - go ahead and clap," Dickens said.

Mayor Shirley Franklin initially started the program several years ago. Dickens says his goal is to have the crews fill at least 30 potholes a day.

On Tuesday evening, crews were already at work repairing damage on DeKalb Avenue.

While some are excited to see the improvements, others say the plan isn't going far enough.

"It's really a Bandaid on a very major problem," Bike Law Georgia's Bruce Hagen told FOX 5. "We've got a lack of safe space for people to walk. Potholes are a temporary solution." 

Drivers say they'll wait and see if the Pothole Posse can make a difference.

If you live in Atlanta and have a pothole you want to be address, call 311.