Atlanta Dream documentary coming to Amazon next month

A new documentary highlighting how the Atlanta Dream dedicated their 2020 season to social justice is set to premiere on Amazon next month. 

Titled "Power of the Dream," the film focuses on the WNBA team's confrontation with U.S. Senator and former co-owner Kelly Loeffler during the "Black Lives Matter" and "Say Her Name" movements.

The film's genesis dates back to 2020 when then U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) publicly criticized the WNBA for supporting Black Lives Matter during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This criticism came as the league's 144 players competed in a bubble environment, known as the "wubble," while simultaneously engaging in a political battle.

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"Getting to the bubble felt like a win, and then we get smacked in the face with Kelly Loeffler’s letter," said Sue Bird. "She said she didn’t want us to have Black Lives Matter, Say Her Name [Breonna Taylor], anywhere involved in the season. I can vividly remember thinking, ‘That’s bullshit. What do you mean? You own a WNBA team. You know exactly who we are, you know exactly what we represent.’"

The WNBA, composed of more than 80% Black women, has a long-standing history of social justice advocacy. "Power of the Dream" captures the team's dedication and efforts to push for social change.

The documentary debuts on June 18th.