Athens mother desperate to find son who left Norcross mental health facility

Gwinnett County police are searching for a 26-year-old missing man living with mental disabilities.

Alize Woodall's mother said the nightmare began in June 2020. A car hit Woodall along West Broad Street in Athens. That driver stopped, but a second driver ran over his head and kept going. His mother said a mental breakdown weeks ago resulting from that injury separated him from his family.

Two years later, Woodall has serious head injuries from that hit-and-run that his family says changed his behavior. His mother still gets emotional talking about it.

"Sometimes he can do some things, not thinking because of that left brain injury," LaShondra Woodall said.

On July 7, Woodall had an episode in Athens that ended in his arrest for family violence.

"The judge said if I bond him out, the sheriff's office would take him to behavior health," she said.

Woodall said she bonded him out of jail six days later. He was eventually taken to Lakeview Behavioral Health in Norcross where his mother expected him to stay, but days ago, she said she called to check in, and a receptionist told her he was released July 21 on his own recognizance.

Woodall is her son's legal guardian.

"I told them do not release him without my consent. They let my son go," she said. "In Norcross, Georgia. He doesn't know anyone there. He has a mental issue and he's been missing."

Gwinnett County police said Woodall could have been taken to a homeless shelter, but she could not confirm.

Lakeview Behavioral Health sent a statement that reads in part:

"Lakeview has thorough discharge policies, for our patients. Our staff work to return them to either their family or another place where they can receive support. We hope he is found safe."

His mother said Alize has not been able to care for himself or his daughter since the accident and worries he is in danger.

FOX 5 asked Gwinnett County police whether Woodall is a threat to himself, or others. They did not immediately answer those inquiries.

Anyone who believes they have seen Woodall, is asked to call 911 or the Gwinnett County Police Department.