Arming teachers? Aspiring educators weigh in

The issue of arming teachers has turned into a massive debate across the country this past week. Some say gun free zones encourage shootings, while others argue more guns aren't the answer.

FOX 10 Phoenix spoke with aspiring teachers on Friday, and the consensus from most students is the option to carry could be good, but it shouldn't be a requirement. One teacher, however, says she doesn't think anything positive would come from carrying a gun on campus.

"I believe in being preventative, and arming more teachers isn't being preventative. It's just adding to the problem," said Cindy Michlin, an education course instructor at Arizona State University.

Michlin recently spoke with her students, who are studying to become teachers, on whether arming teachers could help prevent mass shootings.

"It's going to be an accident," said Michlin. "Someone is going to get ahold of it. It's going to be something negative that's going to happen, not because of an intruder."

Other students in the teaching program, however, weren't so sure.

"It's their decision," said Claire Morton. "It should be their decision. If they want to carry, then more power to you. At the same time, if you're someone that's not comfortable doing it, then you shouldn't have to do it."

Gilbert Guerrero, who wants to be a professor one day, also weighed in.

"Change in laws, something needs to happen," said Guerrero. "A kid that young shouldn't be able to have an assault rifle."

In the past, Arizona lawmakers have tried to introduce bills to allow guns on campuses and allow teachers to carry guns, but all of the bills have failed.

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