APD: Uptick in violent crimes on street where robbery, deadly stabbing occurred

Atlanta police are investigating a string of robberies and a fatal stabbing all on the same street in the city’s Lindbergh community.  

APD crime data shows the combined number of burglaries, assaults, robberies and homicides on Morosgo Drive have nearly tripled compared to this time last year—leaving some residents feeling uneasy. 

"It’s upsetting," Resident David Berry told FOX 5. 

A newly released Ring camera video from inside The Core at Lindbergh apartments appears to show three masked individuals Atlanta police say robbed and pistol whipped a resident earlier this month.  

It was one of four robberies reported in May on Morosgo Drive. 

Just a week and a half later, an argument between two unsheltered people on the same street led to a fatal stabbing in the middle of the day. 

The attacker, who ran off, still hasn’t been found. 

"It’s disturbing…I would like the unhoused to be housed," said Lindbergh Morosgo Neighborhood Association President Jamie Olson. 

The two incidents happened on the same street where Atlanta police data shows 14 reports of assaults, burglaries, robberies and homicides since the start of the year.  

By this time last year, there were only five in total. 

"Obviously, it’s concerning because the trend is in the wrong direction," Olson stated. 

He tells FOX 5 he was alarmed by those numbers. 

"I would like to have more security," he continued. 

Atlanta police say their crime suppression unit is focusing on an area that includes Morosgo Drive and investigators are meeting with business owners in the area to talk about the incidents. 

"We want the crime to go away like everybody else does, of course, and it’s a challenge, but it’s not just our challenge, it’s a challenge for the entire city." 

Olson says he also wants to see city leaders address a growing homeless population along with issues of loitering in the area by removing nearby benches. 

"We’ve been trying to get the city to move…sent text to or emails to our city council person Alex wan and other city contacts…we’re just getting no response." 

FOX 5 reached out to council member Alex Wan for comment on this, but did not hear back from him by deadline.