Man dies in Atlanta stabbing on Morosgo Drive in Lindbergh

The search is on for the man Atlanta police say brutally stabbed another man in broad daylight. It happened in the Lindbergh neighborhood of Atlanta’s Buckhead community just after 1 p.m. Sunday.

Witnesses say a quiet Sunday afternoon walk took a scary turn as they say they watched the suspect violently attack the victim with a pocket knife.

"It was horrific," Angie Lee-Montante told FOX 5. "We were working out, and we started walking up the street when we randomly saw this poor man get stabbed."

Atlanta police say the victim, a white male in his 60s, was stabbed multiple times on Morosgo Drive.

"From what we know at this time, the defendant and the suspect that we have are both unsheltered and there was some type of argument between the two," Atlanta Police Homicide Commander Lt. Andrew Smith said.

From there, they say the suspect took off.

"Tall black male with a gray t-shirt and orange shoes. We don’t know his identity at this time, but we are looking for him, we have K-9 dogs out," Smith said.

Lee-Montante snapped a photo of the man running away before calling 911 and trying to render aid to the victim.

"We called the police. I was on the phone with Grady and Grady was trying to tell me how to stop the guy's bleeding," Lee-Montante told FOX 5. "Unfortunately, he was already deceased."

She says despite seeing a growing homeless population in the area, she’s never heard of anything like this happening.

With the suspect still at-large, she tells FOX 5 she’s never been more concerned about safety.

"It really just puts into perspective whether it’s even safe to walk down the street at 1 p.m.," she said.

That Atlanta Police Department spokesperson says investigators are using surveillance footage from cameras nearby to identify the suspect. The footage apparently shows the two men interacting earlier in the day.

If you have any information, reach out to detectives, or call Crimestoppers.