Wedding gown savior: Le Fais do-do owner rescues abandoned dresses, aims for reunion with brides

Wedding venue owner Marie Andujar is trying to help reunite some wedding dresses with the brides that were meant to wear them. 

Andujar recently acquired a warehouse full of wedding dresses from an auction this past week.

She’s the owner of a wedding venue in Forest Park called Le Fais do-do.

The dresses are from a shuttered Anya Bridal warehouse, one of the stores owned by Dapper and Dashing, which abruptly shut down operations in August.

FOX 5 reported then the closing of the large formal wear company, Dapper and Dashing, left many brides-to-be and grooms-to-be without the wedding attire for which they had paid. 

"I've been in Atlanta for almost 30 years, and this might be the first time that I recall something as big as this. I don't recall anything as big as this happening in our industry," Andujar said. 

When Andujar recently came to the warehouse, after successfully bidding on it, she was surprised to find an alteration room full of dresses in different states of alteration.

"There is a very large rack of garments in states of alteration…so, the obvious deduction there was that if it's an alteration, someone has got money on that dress, and it was intended to be someone's purchase, either as the mother-of-the-bride dress or the wedding dress," Andujar said.

Andujar says there are 30 dresses on the rack, and she hopes to reunite most of them with the brides who are missing them. 

"If I can get a wedding dress that belongs to a bride that has not yet had her wedding into her hands, it is my express desire," she said. 

In order to get the wedding dress, Andujar asks anyone who has never received their dress from the company to text the following information: name, email address, phone number, and any pictures wearing or trying on the dress. Her number is 404-387-3027.

And in order to pick it up, the owner has to provide a receipt or proof of deposit.

"And we will have these off to the side and prepared to work with brides that reach out to us," Andujar said. 

She’ll have them at Le Fais do-do at 5442 Frontage Road, Forest Park, Georgia, 30297.