4 APD officers contract coronavirus, chief implements changes

With four officers from Atlanta contracting the coronavirus, the chief went on camera to speak to all of her officers. 

Erika Shields taped the message last Friday. She gave both encouragement and instructions on how to handle the virus. She also told the officers the way the police will have to change, at least temporarily. 

"If you feel sick," Shields said, "do not come into work." 

The chief added it is everyone's responsibility to keep the workplace clean. 

Shields has now been able to acquire masks, and thermometers have been ordered. She told the officers they will have to check their own temperatures twice a day. 

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And officers have been told not to respond to routine car accidents. Should a motorist get into a crash, and both vehicles are drivable, the officer will not go out to that call. You will be given instructions on how to file a report. 

Chief Shields called the virus "a drawn-out fight," and said she has never been prouder of the Atlanta Police Department.