Where to put your debris after a hurricane

Photo Courtesy: Brevard County Emergency Management 

Brevard County officials released a statement today on proper waste management after a hurricane now that residents all over Florida are dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Irma.

They stated that "Waste Management does not collect storm debris unless it's in a Waste Management receptacle during normal collection pickup."

So, if you have piles of yard waste, including tree limbs, branches and limbs, and/ or construction debris, such as roofing shingles, fencing and lumber, please follow the guidelines below, as suggested by Brevard County Emergency Management:

  • Keep your yard waste and construction debris in separate piles at your curb.
  • Do not use bags for yard waste (it makes it impossible to recycle mulch).
  • Cut up trees and branches to 4' foot lengths if possible.
  • A decision is pending on whether to open the facilities on Sunday.
  • White goods (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc) will be picked up by Waste Management. Please call them to schedule special pickup.
  • Do not put your yard waste on top of storm drains due to receding waters from Hurricane Irma flooding.

While these guidelines are specific to Brevard County in Florida, they can be applicable to many other counties and even states.

For additional information, visit, facebook.com/recyclerightbrevard.com