Officials: If possible, do not return hurricane supplies

Emergency management officials are urging home and business owners to hang onto supplies they bought in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

Generators, batteries, wood, water, and non-perishable groceries now fill homes across Florida and beyond. Cities and counties also gave out tens of thousands of sandbags.

But as Dorian moves away, there have been reports that some people are trying to return their supplies.

"We're not even at the peak of hurricane season yet," said Amber Boulding, the emergency manager in St. Petersburg, Florida, where more than 26,000 sandbags were given out. "We're not out of the woods. Just because Dorian is not coming doesn't mean we're not going to get in the cone again. Don't throw away the sandbags, don't get rid of the water. Keep those things because now you have a hurricane kit."

In Tampa, Florida, city emergency planners said this is the time for residents to make sure they track down their evacuation re-entry tags that were mailed out in the spring.

The tags can speed up the return for home and business owners.

"Hang them in their rearview mirror. It provides visibility at the checkpoints for the re-entry zones so law enforcement can waive them through that checkpoint," explained Tom Magnuson, Tampa's lead emergency planner.

Magnuson said residents can request new or additional tags through the city's website. People would still be allowed back to Tampa without tags, as long as they show their identification.

Hurricane season ends November 30.