Last-minute quest for water, fuel, batteries, generators

Houston-area residents are spending the day getting prepared for Hurricane Harvey to strike the southeast Texas coast. The threat of the storm has most of them stockpiling non-perishable food items.

"Canned goods, lunch meat and cheese, my husband is going to the meat market because we have a couple generators," explains Shawndra Johnson.

"I'm an ER nurse," describes Catharyn Santana. "In my car, I have a bag packed to stay in the ER the whole weekend."

Ahead of the hurricane, herds of Houston-area residents are also getting fuel in their vehicles and grabbing bottled water by the case. 

"I purchased three already," adds Johnson. "The guy started bringing it out. I'm through getting gas, so I'm going to back up and get three or four more cases of water, just help the neighbors or if somebody else needs it." 

"I went to Sam's and they sold out of all their water and I checked a couple other stores then I heard Home Depot had water," says Cade Hodges. 

Batteries are another item in great demand. 

"I have six backup batteries for my phone," adds Hodges.

Many stores have sold out of sandbags. Carrie Schwartzenburg is glad to have bought the last few. 

"Yes absolutely -- I need to put sandbags around my business and my home," explains Schwartzenburg.

Generators are just as difficult to come by because everyone seems to be doing the same thing, stocking up and hoping Harvey doesn't have a hankering to hang out in Houston as others 'hunker down.'