Businesses cashing in on the solar eclipse

There is a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming total solar eclipse on Monday. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse since it is the first coast-to-coast eclipse in almost 100 years. However, this phenomenon is also sending businesses into a frenzy.

Do you have an extra $7,000 lying around? You can take a Royal Caribbean cruise that will pass through an optimal spot in the path of totality at sea. And yes, Bonnie Tyler will on board performing her hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Southwest Airlines is promoting five flights that will have you a mile high in the path of totality.

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There are also tons of viewing events planned nationwide, including here in the D.C. region where we should see the sun go about 80 percent dark.

In Maryland at The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring, you can zip-line, rope climb and other kinds of outdoor activities. But on Monday, they will also be giving out the highly-sought after solar eclipse glasses.

“We have some great spots,” said Ty Granfors of The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring. “We have a great wide open area that people can climb down if they want to and check out. But there are also some spots up in the trees that will be closer to the eclipse than actually on the ground.”

If you are planning on playing hooky from work – even for just an hour or so – you are not alone. With everyone's eyes to the sky marveling Mother Nature, MarketWatch cites a Chicago firm projecting nearly $700 million in losses for employers due to a lack of worker productivity.

On the flip side, along with the tourism industry looking to take advantage, many companies are getting creative to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Nike is promoting its dark-colored gear for its solar eclipse picks.

Eyeglass maker Warby Parker is increasing foot traffic to its stores by offering the protective solar eclipse glasses for free.

Even the United States Postal Service is getting in on the game with a special stamp that uses ink from your finger to reveal the moon.

If you have a sweet tooth, Lincoln's Bar-B-Que in Silver Spring has created a solar eclipse milkshake that is out of this world.

National chains are also looking to cash in. Krispy Kreme's famous original glazed donut will turn as dark as a total eclipse for the first time ever by being completely coated in chocolate.

Not to be outdone is Duck Donuts as it will have an assortment of solar eclipse-themed flavors.

The makers of the good old-fashioned MoonPie are barely keep up with the demand of their product. Consumers are apparently grabbing them up in preparation for solar eclipse viewing parties.

“We are getting requests from all over the country from our retail partners as well as from festivals and events to have MoonPies,” said Tory Johnston, vice president of sales and marketing for MoonPie.