Wesleyan Hype Video Takes You Inside Locker Room

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Put me in coach, it's high school football hype week! The final week of the regular season means playoff positions are on the line,  and for those teams already locked in, it's a chance to improve their seeding.

We're seeing more and More locally produced videos by students around the metro area- students who want their team's fan base to rally around these slickly produced video pieces. Daniel Salyers and Chris Middleton of the Wesleyan School went the extra mile with their recent production, gaining access to the locker room for a pregame speech from head coach Franklin Pridgen.

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Wesleyan travels to GAC in what's being dubbed the "Crosstown Showdown" on Friday. The game is for the 6-AA region title and is just one of many games with playoff implications taking place across the metro area this weekend.