UGA students share passion, rivalry ahead of SEC championship showdown against Alabama

This weekend, the SEC Championship Game is set to create football playoff implications as Alabama and Georgia face off, with the Bulldogs eyeing their third consecutive national title. FOX 5's Georgia Chamber caught up with some enthusiastic University of Georgia (UGA) students to gauge their excitement for the highly anticipated game.

In interviews with UGA students, the question of Georgia's biggest rival sparked varied responses. While some jokingly claimed to terminate everyone and consider Alabama the ultimate rival, others mentioned traditional rivals like Georgia Tech, Florida, and in recent years, Tennessee.

When asked about their least favorite aspects of Alabama, responses ranged from disliking everything about the team to singling out the students and fans. One student expressed a strong aversion to Alabama's head coach, Nick Saban, stating that he finds him irritating and not a good person.

The interviewees discussed whether this intense rivalry and dislike for Alabama has always existed or if it developed over the years. A recent graduate shared that during their time at UGA, the rivalry intensified as the Bulldogs established themselves as a powerhouse. The sentiment was that everyone now wants to beat the Bulldogs.