Super Bowl Champion honored by Wesleyan School

Most football fans in Atlanta are still suffering from the Falcons crushing loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, but former HIGH 5 Sports standout David Andrews isn’t one of them.

Andrews helped beat his hometown team last month when he snapped the ball to Tom Brady during the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

“Doesn’t matter who it was” Andrews told FOX 5 Sports after being honored by his former high school. “Just the chance to win a championship I don’t think you have bittersweet [feelings] or anything like that.”

Hundreds of students and faculty packed the auditorium on the Wesleyan campus to honor Andrews Monday with a video tribute and jersey presentation. Andrews’ former head coach Franklin Pridgen is still calling the shots for the Wolves, and said he had no regrets pulling for the Patriots during the Falcons 34-28 loss on Super Bowl Sunday.

“He’s as genuine and authentic a person as I’ve ever known.” Pridgen said of his former player. “I love him more for who is than what he is-and I’m awfully proud of what he is”.

Andrews is getting married in April, so 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for the second year pro from the University of Georgia.

You can watch the entire interview with Andrews by clicking on the video player.