Meet the Creative Gulo Gang Student Section

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When it comes to high school football student sections, no one does it like the West Forsyth Gulo Gang. If you're wondering what Gulo means, it's the Latin derivative of their team's nickname, the Wolverines. The "Gulos" have grown exponentially over the past few seasons and are now arguably one of the largest and loudest sections in the state.

However, a good student section isn't characterized by mere size, oh no! While size certainly matters, it's the ability to walk a fine line between taste and distaste when displaying signs aimed at the other team's players that helps set you apart. It's subtlety mixed with "In Your Face" attitude. It's using teenage vernacular to make your point, even if mom, dad and school administrators don't quite quite get it. That's what you want.

You MUST be different. Do something that's totally your own. Any student section can throw a colorful powder toss in the stands, but the Gulo Gang doesn't limit their creativity to Friday nights. Gulo Gameday is West Forsyth's own 10 minute version of the popular ESPN Gameday show seen by millions of college football fans every Saturday morning in the Fall. Complete with a homemade anchor desk and over one hundred screaming, sign toting fans in the background, the Gulos break down upcoming high school games, offer biting commentary and even finish things off with their own Lee Corso-esque hat dance. The broadcast is taped during the week and airs Friday in school classrooms helping the Wolverine faithful get psyched for the upcoming game. You can link to the full version of Gulo Gameday here: