Kennesaw State Prepares for First Ever Home Game

In a season of firsts, and as they watch the ink dry in the record book with ever new accomplishment, Kennesaw State head coach Brian Bohannon puts a fine point on first impressions.

"There's no better way to make history than winning ballgames," said Bohannon. "It's great to run out of the tunnel the first time. You really want to put an exclamation point on it? Win the ballgame."

Bohannon is getting his team ready for the first home game in program history, Saturday when they host NAIA school Edward Waters out of Jacksonville, Florida. The team won their opener at East Tennessee State last Thursday 56-16.

"The emotions are going to be running wild," said starting quarterback Trey White. "It's the first home game in the history of the school. If we can handle that, i think it'll be a huge part to getting the win."

Players say they feel the excitement around campus and in the community. Students are clamoring for tickets, and even relatives -- each player gets four tickets for family -- are working hard to make sure they're in the stadium for the occasion.

"My mom had to buy season tickets so everybody could come," said wide receiver Justin Sumpter, who says he has 7 people in his family plus plenty of others who want to go.

Kickoff against Edward Waters is set for 4pm Saturday at Fifth Third Bank Stadium.

"You've got one chance to make a first impression."

And Kennesaw State's first impression on football was a win.

Now players say it's almost like a second season opener, the first ever home game is this Saturday.

"My mom had to buy season tickets so everybody could come... Does it happen in class? A lot of classmates trying, too, but family's got to come first."

"50 years down the road when I’ve got grandkids, great grandkids, hopefully I can get another sack like I did, first series like last game, I could tell them, hopefully other guys get a sack before me. Hope I can say I got one. I hope he gets a bunch of them"

"So, you've got the first this, the first that, first real in-season practice(s) going on, but head Coach Brian Bohannon puts a finer point on first impressions."

"I think our fans deserve this, I really think it's going to be a special day."

First win in the books in a season where about everything's new. Now it's time to break in their new stadium the right way.