Ezekiel Elliott involved in Uptown Dallas bar fight

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was reportedly involved in a bar fight Sunday night.

Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan first reported that Elliott hit a DJ at Clutch Bar in Uptown Dallas. Dallas police said in a statement that no arrests were made and no one was listed on the incident report as a suspect.

TMZ shared video of the victim on the floor with a broken nose. Daryl Ibeneme, 30, was allegedly intoxicated and couldn't remember who hit him -- but his friends told police it was Elliott.

A witness told TMZ that Ibeneme initially got into a war of words with a woman who was in Elliott's party. Elliott then became involved. A source told FOX4 one patron told police Elliott hit the man, but a friend of the victim said Elliott was not near Ibeneme when they found him on the ground.

Elliott was not at the bar when police arrived, according to TMZ. The man with the broken nose was treated by paramedics at the bar and then taken to a nearby hospital for additional care.

Police were back at Clutch for several hours on Monday conducting interviews and checking for surveillance video.

The NFL said it is looking into the incident.

Elliott is also fighting a speeding ticket after he was clocked going 100 miles per hour on the 70 mph tollway. Court records show his attorney is appealing it.

Despite the mixed reports about exactly what happened, it's more negative publicity on TV and talk radio for the star running back.

"The thing I keep coming back to with Elliot is, it's just the preponderance of issues," said 1310-AM The Ticket's Jake Kemp.

"When the criminal justice system treats people differently because of who they are, that's when the system fails," said attorney Pete Schulte, who is not involved in the case. "So I think Dallas police are going to handle this just like anybody else who was trying to figure out who did it. And if they can, they'll file the charge. And if they can't, they won't."

Elliott is still waiting for the NFL to conclude a separate domestic violence investigation. That involved a former girlfriend who accused him last year in Columbus, Ohio.

Police investigated the claim and did not file charges, but Elliott is still subject to possible discipline by the NFL.

Elliott has been involved in other off the field incidents as well in the past year. He was caught on camera pulling down the top of a woman at a St. Patrick's Day block party on Greenville Ave. in March. He also was a passenger in a car wreck in Uptown earlier this summer.