Ex-girlfriend of Bills' McCoy alleges physical abuse

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LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend says in a new court filing that the Buffalo Bills running back physically abused her and orchestrated a home invasion that left her beaten and bloodied.

Delicia Cordon on Tuesday filed an amended lawsuit against McCoy alleging physical abuse during their nearly two-year relationship. She also accuses him of arranging a July 10 attack at a home McCoy owns in Milton, just outside Atlanta, where Cordon lived. The armed intruder demanded specific pieces of jewelry McCoy had given Cordon and repeatedly asked her to return, the lawsuit said.

The amended lawsuit seeks more than $50 million in damages.

Cordon and McCoy began dating in June 2016, but problems began following the 2016 NFL season when he became physically abusive, the amended lawsuit says.

"He would often grab (Cordon) in a manner that was painful and would leave (her) skin reddened," it says. "McCoy did not care who was around when he would become enraged. McCoy once physically kicked (Cordon) out of the bed."

McCoy has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence and did so again when speaking to reporters after practice Wednesday.

"I can't control that," he said when asked about Cordon's new allegations. "The only thing I can do is focus on my team, try and get better, and let things off the field take care of themselves."

He said he's been "proclaiming innocence since Day 1."

To make up for his bad behavior, the amended lawsuit says, McCoy would apologize and buy Cordon gifts. But when they argued, he would demand that she return jewelry he'd given her.

According to the lawsuit, Cordon loved McCoy and believed he loved her, so she "sought to make their relationship work despite the fact that McCoy was physically abusive to her." She also didn't want to damage his reputation as an NFL player and hadn't revealed the alleged abuse before filing the amended lawsuit, it says.

Cordon's original lawsuit, filed Aug. 10, didn't mention physical abuse against her. It also didn't directly accuse McCoy of playing a role in the home invasion. Instead, it accused him of breaching his duty to protect her because he owned the home. It also alleged McCoy "permitted a hazardous condition to exist" by having his friend and personal assistant Tamarcus Porter install a new security system and cameras in June and denying her access to arm the system.

The version filed Tuesday says McCoy, through Porter, "arranged for the assailant" who attacked Cordon and her friend, Elizabeth Donald, to come into the home to retrieve the jewelry McCoy had repeatedly demanded Cordon return.

Donald has also sued McCoy and Porter.

Milton police have not arrested anyone in the home invasion. They said in a statement last month that detectives had "encountered numerous obstacles by all involved" and had noticed multiple inconsistencies from people who had provided statements. In an automatic response to an email seeking an update Wednesday, Capt. Charles Barstow said "despite multiple requests, Mr. McCoy has been unavailable to speak directly to detectives."

The new version of the lawsuit also expands on Cordon's previous allegations that McCoy abused his young son and dog. Stephanie Maisonet, the mother of McCoy's young son, said in a sworn statement filed in the case that McCoy had physically abused the boy. McCoy responded in a statement on Twitter at the time, calling the allegations "provably false, outrageously inaccurate and offensive."

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