Attorney arrested during YSL trial jury selection expects to be exonerated

The attorney taken into custody during the YSL RICO trial is describing his arrest as ridiculous.

Attorney Anastasios Manettas says he is innocent of the criminal charges and expects to be exonerated.

"These deputies, they seem to treat us, for lack of a better word, like criminals for no apparent reason," attorney Manettas complained 

YSL defense attorney says Fulton County deputies always seem "heated" when dealing with him and the other attorneys who are part of the Young Slime Life racketeering and gang trial.

Anastasios Manettas

Anastasios Manettas  (FOX 5)

The 32-year-old described what happened Thursday when he was handcuffed, arrested, and even photographed for a mug shot for bringing prescription drugs into the courtroom.

"They are looking through my bottles and I had two different bottles, but all of them were prescribed to me," the lawyer retorted.

Manettas describes the arresting process at the Fulton County Jail on four misdemeanors and a felony as humiliating.

"They make you take off all your clothes including your underwear. You have to squat down and cough there's people watching you. There are also people having mental health crisis all around you," the lawyer described.

Anastasios Manettas

Anastasios Manettas  (FOX 5)

Manettas has hired an attorney, who is confident these charges are bogus and will be dropped.

"I think it was a grave mistake by the sheriff's office. I've looked at the warrants. I know what happened and it was completely unfounded. He's allowed to have his prescriptions," Attorney Brian Tevis explained. 

Anastasios Manettas

Anastasios Manettas  (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

He went on to say they are contemplating civil action against the county over the arrest.

"I'm innocent. I'm going to be found innocent eventually," attorney Manettas said with confidence. 

Anastasios Manettas

Anastasios Manettas  (FOX 5)

Mr. Manettas was elated because he secured bond for his YSL client, Mikes Farley.

Judge Ural Glanville ruled to sever defendant Farley from the YSL racketeering case.

Jury selection enters the end of its fourth month without a single juror seated. Young Thug and 13 other defendants are being tried on RICO charges.