YouTube shooter's brother describes what likely motivated attack

While the shooting was originally thought to be a domestic incident,  more information is coming out about the shooter's possible motivation. Now her family is speaking out.

The YouTube shooter's brother confirmed her name was Nasim Aghdam and speculated what likely lead to Tuesday's shooting.

He did not want to be identified but says she lived in San Diego and would speak to her mother every day.  

The family hadn't heard from her in a while so they tried visiting her Friday, he says.

When they didn't find her, they reported her missing Saturday.

This morning at 2 a.m - a cop in Mountain View told the family they found her in Northern California.  

The brother says he warned them to keep an eye on her.  

"She had a problem with YouTube...
We called the cop and told them there's a reason she went from San Diego to that, so she might do something.
I didn't know she had a gun. I didn't know she'd start a fight.
The cop told us they'd keep an eye on her
After 12 hours the shooting happened.
She got killed,  the other 3 people got hurt.
I did my best to avoid it but looks like cop didn't do their job," he said.  

Her brother says his sister was upset with YouTube not directing more traffic to her pages.

He says she told them, "YouTube screwed up my life."

Her Facebook page shows a lot of posts that are anti-YouTube.

It also show she is a PETA supporters -and that she is a self-proclaimed vegan.  

Her brother says up until today she had never hurt a creature.

He says he didn't know she had a gun and has no idea where she got it from

We asked the family why do you think she shot people today.  

He says tomorrow is her 38th birthday and maybe she wanted to leave the earth the same day she came.