World War II keepsakes stolen

"There was a picture of momma, daddy, my sister and me that was taken in 1926," says Oglesby.

He also had some keepsakes from World War II when he served in the Navy. "The ship pulled into Pearl Harbor, I was able to get an original copy of when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor," says Oglesby. He also had some treasured candlesticks made from ammunition used during the war.

Along with the treasured memories and mementos he shared with his wife who passed away last spring, Oglesby lost all his furniture and other items that had been in his home for decades. He says it was enough to fill the 26-foot U-Haul.

Oglesby says he does have a few items that his daughter had packed separately. He has his wife's bible and a special clock from their 50th wedding anniversary. "I appreciate the few things I have. I'm too old to start all over," says Oglesby.