Woman thinks package delivered to apartment is b-day gift, but instead found 20 bags of weed

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Atlanta police said 20 pounds of weed was delivered via UPS to the wrong address and now the sender and/or recipient could face federal charges.

“There was 20 sealed packages, vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana," said Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department. “We did our preliminary test on it and was able to determine that it was marijuana substance, also inside the package was a birthday bag that clearly said happy birthday on it.”

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Police said the woman who received the package at her southwest Atlanta apartment on Myrtle Drive has a birthday coming up and thought it could maybe be a birthday gift.

“She clearly said it was her birthday within a month or so, but she wasn’t expecting this type of present,” said Sgt. Pickard.

A friend of the woman told FOX 5’s Nathalie Pozo, the moment they realized what was inside the package, they called 911.

According to police, the package had five incorrect delivery attempts. Investigators said the package originated in Arizona, and then went to Washington state, Douglasville and then Atlanta.

Police said the sender and/or recipient filed a claim with UPS for a lost package.

“If we can identify the person who was going to receive the package, then that’s an avenue for us to be able to prosecute,” said Sgt. Pickard.

Atlanta police said the post office, FedEx and UPS are very proactive in alerting them when they smell drugs within packages, but in this case the bags were vacuum-sealed, making it difficult to smell.

“There is a methodology to being able to seal these packages so the odor cannot be detected,” said Sgt. Pickard.

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