Woman says HERO worker threw flare at her truck and smashed her window

A woman says she was driving on the interstate when a man threw a flare at her truck and later smashed her window. If that's not bizarre enough, she says it was a GDOT HERO worker who did it.

Kacey Courson says it happened early Tuesday morning near Langford Parkway. There was an accident and traffic was backed up on the Downtown Connector.  

Courson says she saw a GDOT truck and a man in a HERO uniform putting out flares in the road.

"The two cars in front of me sped away toward the interstate and he threw a flare at the second car," said Courson.

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Courson thought that was strange but kept inching forward.  The man started yelling at her, telling her to back up because she was in the emergency lane.  Courson says he started banging on the hood of her truck, then threw a flare at her vehicle.  It lodged in between her hood and the windshield.

She says she got out, grabbed the flare and chucked it. Then tried to merge over to the next lane.  She says that's when the man hit her driver's side window with the flare in his hand and smashed her window.

"He hit my window on the outside and it just shattered and fell," said Courson.

A family member of the HERO worker says that's not the case. He told Fox 5 the driver of the truck drove directly at him, hitting him and the flare flew out of his hand onto her truck. 

Courson says it did not happen that way. She says she's always respected the HERO unit.

"They've brought me gas before on the side of the road, and I think it's an excellent service," said Courson.

Courson says she has no ill will toward the guy but does want him to pay for her window.  She called police and reported it to GDOT.  

FOX 5 contacted GDOT as well, a spokesperson says they're checking into it. 

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