Woman fired from Rincon Lowe's store after attempting to stop alleged thieves

A Rincon woman has a black eye and is out of a job because of three people who recently stole more than $2,100 worth of merchandise from Lowe's.

According to Rincon Police Department, three alleged thieves loaded multiple items into a shopping carts and attempted to leave Lowe's without paying.

Donbna Hansbrough, who had been employed at Lowe's for 13 years, attempted to stop one of the thieves by grabbing a cart.

The cart that Hansbrough grabbed was in the possession of Takyah Berry at the time, according to RPD. After Donna grabbed the cart, she was punched in the face 3 times, which caused her right eye to swell and blacken.

Hansbrough was fired for attempting to stop the theft after the incident. Lowe's stated that the employee's actions were a violation of their policy, according to the police department.

The other two suspects have been identified as Jarmar Lawton and Joseph Berry, who is the uncle of Takyah.

Two of the three suspects are still at large. If you know where police can find Takyah or Joseph, please contact the police department at 9121-826-5200.

Since the police department shared the incident on Facebook, their post has been shared more than 1,000 times and several people have left comments, mostly outraged that Hansbrough was fired.

However, it is not uncommon for retailers to have a rule against employees interfering with shoplifters. And lawmakers in California are hoping to pass legislation that will make it against the law for retail staff to stop thieves from stealing from their stores.