What is happening to Pike County's dogs?

They came searching for answers and justice after a couple of dogs were shot to death in Pike County.

"She was shot eleven feet from the roadway now this is on a public road. Does our Sheriff's Department not investigate the shooting," said Rick Rickerson as he addressed the Pike County Board of Commissioners at their Tuesday night meeting at the historic Pike County Courthouse in Zebulon.

He made reference to the early January shooting death of Nugget, a tea cup Chihuahua a few feet from the road at a neighbor’s yard and before that the shooting death of Sassy, a mixed breed pit,  in late December in her front yard.

Both dogs were shot on the same road not far from each other.

Much to the disappointment of many, the County's Animal Control is conducting the investigations not the Pike County Sheriff's Office.

"They don't understand why our Sheriff's department is not investigating the shooting when our Animal Control absolutely does not have any resources to investigate this," Rickerson told the Board of Commissioners.

Rickerson, the owners of Sassy and Nugget and other Pike County residents, told Fox 5 News they have reached out to Animal Control and the Sheriff's Office with no success.

"My dog was murdered point blank and I had to listen to my daughter cry. You know I need some answers," said Robbie Skinner, the owner of Nugget.

The County says there is an investigation into the shootings of Nugget, Sassy, and according to residents, other dogs too.

"We're not going to comment until the investigation is completed. We cannot comment. We're not going to comment," said Briar Johnson, the Chairman of the Pike County Board of Commissioners.

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For Christine Dunson the dog shootings highlight the need for better funding of the County's limited Animal Control.

"Something needs to be done," she declared to the Board of Commissioners.

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She' told the board she is also concerned for safety especially after the recent mauling of two children in Atlanta.

"We have seen what happened to two children in Atlanta and when dogs go stray they become a pack and I don't want that to happen in this community," said Dunson.

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The group told FOX 5 News they intend to keep coming back to the Board meetings until they get some answers and closure.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office which was not in attendance also had no comment.

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