‘We will find you’; Family of slain security guard pleas for answers

It’s been just over a week since security guard Joseph Benjamin was shot and killed in Atlanta’s Edgewood community.

Authorities hope a $10,000 reward will encourage someone to come forward with information that leads to an arrest.

“It was a senseless act and this gun violence has to stop,” TaShawna Davis said.

Police look for clues after a security guard was gunned down in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta on Oct. 1, 2020. (FOX 5)

The family of Joseph Benjamin said they will not stop until they have answers.

“It’s left a broken link in our chain. It’s a hole,” Davis said.

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Benjamin was gunned down as he wrapped up his part-time job as a security guard.

Police said it happened last Thursday night at the Amani Place apartment complex in Edgewood.

Whoever pulled the trigger is still out there.

“The person is still out there. That means it could be your family member next,” Davis said.

Davis said he wasn’t just a hero to his family but to so many others.

Benjamin was trained in martial arts.

“He boxed as well. He got into doing stunts and stuff in the film industry and that lead to Spiderman,” Davis said.

His love for Spiderman led to him giving back to children.

“He decided to dress up as the character and he loved that. He became Spiderman. He was our family hero,” Davis said.

Davis said Benjamin was also up for a potential big role when he died.

“He just did an interview for the next black panther replacement fill in. I don’t know where that would have lead him,” Davis said.

Atlanta police hope nearby surveillance cameras will help in solving this crime

“We will find you. We are not going to stop. It’s not over and it was not ok for you to take our loved one away from us,” Davis said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe.

In addition to the $10,000 reward offered by police, the security company Benjamin worked at is offering a reward.

Anyone with information that could help solve this case should contact the Atlanta Police Department.

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