Watch these gorillas 'be silly' at Zoo Atlanta

While the visitors are away, the gorillas at Zoo Atlanta will play.

Video tweeted out by Zoo Atlanta shows two of the zoo's adult silverback gorillas, Charlie and Stadi, having a little fun with each other.

"Just because you're an adult silverback weighing 300+ pounds doesn't mean you can't occasionally be silly - sound on for vocalizations with Charlie and Stadi!," the tweet reads.

Zoo Atlanta has been closed since March 14 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While caretakers are still reporting in, the animals have not had visitors from the public in about two months.

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Gov. Kemp has lifted restrictions for some businesses to reopen across the state, but large venues, like the zoo, remain closed.

Many zoos, museums, and arts centers have offered virtual learning opportunities and/or online tours free of charge.

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The zoo may be closed, but the animals, habitats and facilities still require daily care. Zoo Atlanta officials are asking for donations to assist during this difficult time.