Walton County sheriff won't evict woman

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It’s a heartbreaking case which has been tugging at the emotions of Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman.

“I can’t put an old woman that’s not capable of looking out for herself on the street. I just can’t do that,” said Sheriff Joe Chapman.

He said he’s been grappling with what’s the right thing to do in the case of a 68-year-old woman, a resident at the Willow Ridge Residential Care facility in Loganville.

The magistrate court order to evict the woman, dated September 10, is a daily reminder of his legal obligations which follows the facilities eviction of the woman.

“I’m told that the lady is combative, she doesn’t take her mental health medication and she’s abusive and uncontrollable;” said Chapman.

He told FOX 5 News there is no one to readily available to take the woman in since what little family she does have are older and incapable of caring for her.

Chapman also said she is mentally incapacitated, not fully aware of the circumstances, which prompted the eviction he has yet to enforce with little help from state agencies.

“I’ve been calling the state since I got this order;” said Chapman.

No one from the facility wanted to speak to FOX 5 News about the case.

A representative for Georgia’s Adult Protective Services said she couldn’t acknowledge the specific case but said generally speaking “Adult Protective Services works to locate placement -- if such a need is identified -- for clients who we currently have an APS case on, and who live in a community setting and do not reside in a long-term care facility.

Chapman said he plans to follow through with the eviction Friday to take the woman to an area hospital for a mental evaluation.

“If those doctors that conduct that evaluation see for to send her to a mental health facility we hope that is the outcome,” said Chapman.

If not the Sheriff says he’ll bring her to jail until the agencies involved find a proper place for her.

“She has food, shelter, and medication she needed, medical care. That way I know she’s been taking care,” said Chapman.

He said money is not an issue in the case because the woman does have the financial resources to pay for her care.

FOX 5 News was aware of the woman’s name but did not release it because of her circumstances and condition.