Volunteers with Georgia Christian group mobilize aid ahead of Hurricane Ian's landfall

Volunteer are getting ready to help clear up after Ian strikes. A Georgia Christian group preparing to send people to help in the aftermath of disaster

Lee Hurtt opens his trailer of supplies, loaded with chainsaws, a water pump, even a power generator, all to help clean up homes. It’s unclear what he and his team of volunteers will face on the ground after Ian barrels through Florida and possibly part of Georgia. 

"We don’t know whether we’ll be responding to wind damage or water damage or both," he said.

Hurtt is a unit director for one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s disaster-relief teams. 

"We know people will be impacted by the storm no matter which way it goes," said Hurtt 

Volunteer packed gear like power tools and sprayers to help people clear debris from their homes.

"We get the opportunity to help people to clear their yards, get the trees off and maybe put a tarp on the house," Hurtt said.

Hurtt has 25 years of helping people in bad times after natural disaster rips apart homes, families and lives.

"So much is the problem people have of not knowing what to do next. We hope to literally and figuratively put our arms around them and let them know there is hope," Hurtt said. 

Hurtt hopes to ease the pain of people who may be suffering through the worst days of their lives.

"We hope we can bring hope help and healing to these people," he said. 

The Southern Baptist Convention has 30 units deployed around the state. They’re getting ready to roll out any time over the next week.