Video: 'Waterboys' surround female motorist on interstate

An incident involving so-called "warterboys" even caught atlanta police officers by surprise. 

A heavily watched Instagram post shows at least five older teenagers approach a vehicle right on the interstate. Most of the teens,  then climb on runner boards and do not get off, at least initially, while the motorist attempts to slowly drive forward. 

Female residents who viewed the clip winced, calling it upsetting and wordering out loud what they would be able to do in that situation. 

There is traffic in front and behind the motorist. 

One atlanta councilman, Michael Bond, called the incident dangerous for the motorist as well as the teenagers. 

"We have to own it," said Bond, "we either have to manage it or own it".

It appears the female motorist was ultimately allowed to drive on, but that is not clear from the video clip.