Body camera video shows deputy, K-9 track down missing 95-year-old Coweta County woman

Coweta County deputy and his K-9 are being credited with saving the life of a 95-year-old woman who went missing this week.

Body cam video released by the sheriff’s office shows Deputy Sheriff Dalton Anderson and K-9 Marc tracking down the woman on Tuesday

The woman, who had been diagnosed with dementia, wandered away from home. Her family called 911 and an alert was quickly issued.

Rescue workers knew they had to find her fast as daytime temperatures were back into the 90s.

The body cam video shows the deputy speaking to the woman, who was found in the woods among briars and brush.

"What a day it’s been," the woman could be heard telling the deputy.

The 95-year-old woman sitting down, tired, a little cut up, and dehydrated, but conscious and alert.

"Marc’s a veteran dog, he’s been on street now for 5 years, so he was able to do that no problem," said Coweta County Sheriff’s Deputy Dalton Anderson.

The deputy had the woman sit up, but remain in place until medics could reach her.

A medic checked cuts on her ankle and she was later taken to Piedmont Newnan Hospital for a full evaluation.

Anderson says Marc is one of the top tracking dogs in Georgia and perfect for the desperate assignment of finding the woman in the thick, wooded area where she wandered away.

"Of course, it’s all odor, human odor, and you know, as well as ground disturbance," said Deputy Dalton Anderson.

All those hundreds of hours of training paid off as the woman is back home recovering.