Video released of inmate being allegedly choked at Fulton County Jail

Body camera footage was released Friday afternoon showing a Fulton County Sheriff's Office detention officer allegedly choking an inmate until she passed out at the Fulton County Jail on Old Milton Parkway

The incident happened on June 5 and was recorded by Alpharetta police officers' body cameras.

The inmate was brought to the jail on charges of criminal trespass and public drunkenness. The inmate can be heard yelling and cursing on the video, threatening to hurt the officers.

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According to the report, the inmate was choked by detention officer Monique Clark, 31, when she refused to have her mug shot taken. Clark reportedly grabbed the inmate around her neck and applied pressure while forcing her to turn her head for the mug shot. Clark can be heard on video telling her to hold her face before she lost her breath, saying the choice was hers. After several seconds, Clark let go and the inmate falls to the floor.

The other officers helped the inmate to her feet as she regained consciousness.

The inmate stated at a nurse's station that she could not breathe and that it hurt and her demeanor changed from agitated and aggressive to somewhat lethargic and in pain, according to the report. She was transported to North Fulton Hospital for treatment.

Clark, who had been with the sheriff's office since 2016, was fired after the incident. Clark was charged with one count of aggravated assault, one felony count of violation of oath by a public officer, and one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct.

Fulton County Sheriff Labat released the following statement at the time:

"The indefensible acts of this one officer do not reflect the mission of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. As Sheriff of Fulton County, I am committed to transparency and to holding each and every employee accountable to protect and serve every member of our community, including those in our custody. Being a detention officer is a difficult job but even under challenging circumstances there is absolutely no excuse for the behavior that led to this arrest."

The Alpharetta police officers who were present at the time were also investigated by the department and were cleared of any wrongdoing.