VIDEO: Car smashes into store

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There were some intense moments on the show room floor of a flooring dealership after a car plows straight into the store

“It was like an explosion. First thing that popped into my mind was ‘what did my warehouse manager run into in the back?’” said Jeff Moen, General Manager of Planet Recycling.

WATCH: A truck slams straight into a business and it's all caught on camera

Moen was working in the back office at planet recycling when the crash happened. Inside the showroom, he found a disoriented driver inside a truck. Moen said the driver was trying to put the airbag bag back in the steering wheel.

“We got him out of the tuck and his first question is ‘Why is this truck in here?’” said Moen.

It appears the driver hit a tree, hopping the curb, and smashing into the store.

“There was a witness that said that he was flying. He was catching air before he got into the building,” said Moen.

Rachel Palopoli, who also works at the story, said the car crashed just moments before a meeting in the showroom.

“It snapped the legs right off the conference table,” said Palopi.

Both said they are just grateful everyone is OK.

“It’s just a building, we'll rebuild,” said Palopoli.

No word on the cause of the crash or if the driver will be charged.

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