'We gotta go': U.S. Army veteran says crime around her apartment is out of control

A retired U.S. Army veteran said she defended this county in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now no longer feels safe in her Gwinnett County home.

Retired Army Staff Sergeant Jacare Hogan says the violence in her apartment complex has gone too far. She showed us rounds that entered her apartment and came dangerously close to where her son slept.

A family bible even stopped one bullet at Fields Peachtree Corners Apartments near Norcross.

"I'm watching YouTube with my daughter and I hear pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. I counted six or seven shots," Jacare Hogan told FOX 5 's Aungelique Proctor.

"My wall is right here, from where my son was laying, it probably wasn't four feet from where he was," the mother of two explained.

Hogan says that was last Thursday. She took her kids out of town to get away. Then she says there was another shooting Saturday while they were out of town.  To make matters worse, she says there was yet a third shooting Monday night.

"I'm sitting at my desk studying in a live class and I hear, ‘pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!' This time it was longer, and I immediately hit the floor," Ms.Hogan recalled.

When the bullets stopped, they found more damage to her neighbor's apartment and car.

"Their car right there, all the rounds. They busted out the windows, the Gwinnett County resident lamented.  

The retired Army veteran says she must  put her family first.

"We gotta go," she said. "There is no safe place in our own home."

I've been protecting this country for a very long time and if I can't protect my kids that's a problem," she concluded.

Gwinnett County police responded to the shootings, and they are investigating, but they have made no arrests.