19-year-old gunned down at Union City gas station was 'loveable and hardworking', family says

A Mableton family wants answers after their loved one was shot and killed at a Union City gas station.

Police say Larry Potts' girlfriend was in the car with him and watched the whole thing.

According to the police report, Lariya Anderson told police a man in a white Kia had been following the couple. They pulled into the QT because it is well lit and open to the public.

Surveillance video shows Potts getting out of his car and walking toward the store entrance when he is confronted by the man who got out of the white Kia. The two have words and the man opened fire on Potts. The 19-year-old returned fire, but the shooter got away.

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Police say Larry Potts was shot and killed outside a gas station in Union City. His girlfriend witnessed the shooting. His family remembers him as a "loveable, hardworking" individual (Photo: Family).

Family members say Potts was one of 12 children and was hardworking and lovable.

"He always had fun and enjoyed life. He was very popular. He was silly and goofy, a very loving kid. He loved to feed the homeless and was a mommy's boy," his sister, Kiah told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor.

Union City police are asking anyone with information to contact them.