Community calls for change in wake of deadly triple shooting in Atlanta's West End

Community leaders are trying to cleanse the energy in Atlanta’s West End where three people were shot and killed Saturday. 

The smell of sage burning and the sounds of a singing bowl filled the air on Evans Street Sunday as residents and loved ones of the victims gathered for a candlelight vigil.

"Today is a celebration of the life of our young brothers that passed right here in front of our doorstep," YG Urban Cafe owner Julious Khalid told FOX 5.

He and his wife Nia Khalid said they wanted to hold the event after watching the young men involved take their last breaths. 

"We see this as us being able to heal the community," Nia Khalid said.

According to Atlanta Police Department investigators, the triple shooting Saturday afternoon started as an argument when one man approached two others before firing shots. One of the other men returned fire. No one survived.

Family members of 20-year-old Jakobi Maddox, one of those two men, said he had just gotten out of jail for a misdemeanor offense. He was the father of a 1-year-old baby boy.

The side wall of YG Urban Cafe, where police said he was standing, is now painted in memory of Maddox, who was known to many as "Slim."

"It don’t make sense …you can’t stand in front of a restaurant and talk to your friend without losing your life … that’s what happened to my grandson," Maddox’s grandfather FOX Fox 5. "We just need to put the guns down and try to help one another instead of killing one another."

The Khalids said they believe that help starts in holistic healing, which they included as part of the vigil Sunday. 

"We are using Palo Santo and sage to cleanse the energy of the community," Julious Khalid explained.

"We also did a chant so using our words we chanted peace and love and these are all things we can do collectively to raise the vibrations," his wife added.

Community members and the victim’s loved ones say they hope the ceremony will be the start of a shift in the atmosphere.

Julius Khalid said YG Urban Cafe already hosts a number of community events throughout the week but planned to meet with city leaders and Atlanta police to hear some of their solutions to gun violence.