Trent Lehrkamp: FBI joins Georgia probe as depraved new details of abuse emerge

Georgia police announced Monday that the FBI has joined the investigation into the horrific abuse of Trent Lehrkamp, 19, who remains hospitalized after a group of teens reportedly forced him to guzzle vodka, tied him to a chair and urinated on him.

The shocking assault prompted hundreds of people to attend a vigil Monday night outside the Brunswick hospital, where Lehrkamp is recovering, to demand charges against his perpetrators, according to

Glynn County Police said in a press release that the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) are helping conduct interviews and analyze electronic evidence related to the disturbing March 21 bullying incident that left Lehrkamp covered in spray paint and unable to breathe on his own.

A police source said earlier reports indicating that Lehrkamp is on the autism spectrum are not true.

Fox News Digital obtained an incident report that reveals Lehrkamp was victimized at the same St. Simons Island home just five days prior, according to his father.

Mark Lehrkamp told police that on March 17 his son returned from the same friend's house "covered in WD-40, vomit, paint, glue, egg yolk and spray paint." 

A few weeks prior, Mark said he had to take his son to the emergency room after visiting the same friend's home because he returned with a "severe laceration" above his left eye that needed stitches.

Mark told police that his son kept going to the friend's home despite the abuse because he "has no other friends."

"He is accepted and with people he thinks care for him," Mark allegedly told police. The father said he had photos and video of all the past incidents of alleged assault.

The March 21 incident went viral after a Facebook post from an account called Glynn County Citizens on Patrol posted a photo of four boys posing around a man who appears to be passed out with his head slumped to the side and covered in items and substances. 

The post identifies the victim as Lehrkamp and says the image was pulled from Snapchat. A second photo shows a man, also identified as Lehrkamp, on a ventilator in a hospital. 

"These fine young men bound an unconscious and unresponsive boy to a chair, spray-painted him from head to toe, pissed on him, took a s--- in his lap and the list goes on and on," according to a caption above the photos on the Facebook page. 

Police said they were investigating the authenticity of the images and that the boys in the photo were all minors.

A 10-second video clip, also posted to Glynn County Citizens on Patrol Facebook page, shows Lehrkamp seated in a chair at night, his head slumped over, as a hose is trained on him. Police confirmed that Lehrkamp is the victim in the footage.

The March 21 incident report says that three minors dropped off Lehrkamp at the Southeast Georgia Health Center around 8:30 p.m. and registered their names with the ER before leaving. 

"[A hospital staffer] observed that Trenton's clothes were soaked with urine. Trenton had spray paint all over his body and hair, with a small bruise on his left shoulder," the report says. 

Lehrkamp had a blood-alcohol level of .46% – nearly six times the legal limit for driving. He was placed on a ventilator. 

Several of the minors involved are students at Glynn Academy, school officials confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Police responded to the hospital after Mark asked a security guard to call 911 and report an alleged hazing, reported

A GoFundMe account created two days ago has raised $73,866 to help pay for Lehrkamp's medical bills. Lehrkamp's mother died unexpectedly in 2021.

The Glynn County Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact them via phone or email: 912-264-1333 or

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