Toddler's shooting has Atlanta neighbors on 'alert'

Atlanta police are looking for the man who shot a 2-year-old on Peters Street on Wednesday.

Officers say the victim and his son were targeted in the car to car shooting that happened around 4 p.m. in broad daylight.

"That child has a family. I am sorry that had to happened," resident Tyrone Greene said.


Atlanta police say the father and son had just left a barbershop and were driving south on Peters Street when a driver in a blue Kia Optima who was following them, pulled next to them, and opened fire.

"The car pulled alongside on the passenger and begin opening fire, striking the two-year-old who was in the back seat," Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said.

The father was not injured, but police said the child was listed in critical condition.

Atlanta police asked for tips from the public as violence in the community, residents say, seems to be escalating.

"It's definitely going to put everybody on alert now. Atlanta is already on alert. It's a lot of crime going on," Greene said.

If you have any information, on the shooting you are asked to give police a call or submit a tip online.