Long road to recovery for toddler shot in head at Rockdale County apartment

It’s still a long journey for a two-year-old that was shot in the head at Rockdale County apartment. 

Investigators believe it started outside after an argument between two men ended in gunfire.

The toddler was hit while inside the apartment.

"I just want people to know not to take life for granted because you never know what could happen," Monica Reed said. 

A grandmother’s love is overflowing. 

"Since it happened, I’ve been here at the hospital. I haven’t been home, I haven’t been back to work or anything," Reed said. 

Reed was shot on April 29 while sitting inside a Rockdale County apartment. 

Investigators believe the bullet came from outside the apartment and could have stemmed from an argument involving a maintenance worker and someone who lived at the apartment complex. 

The bullet hit Sin in the head. 

"The right side of his forehead area. It went through that side. It went in and came right out," Reed said. 

Sin has spent the past few weeks in a hospital bed on a ventilator and doctors were able to remove the tube but then found additional swelling and had to re-intubate him. 

"He was a two-year-old with a soul of an old man. We use to call him uncle earl. He was very very bright and very, very smart," Reed said. 

The once energetic toddler now has heavy damage to his right side. 

"They keep telling us he won’t be the same boy he was previously because of the injury. He won’t be able to walk. He won’t be able to talk or breathe on his own," Reed said. 

There’s a GoFundMe set up to help with mounting medical expenses. 

Monica said prayer and faith are keeping the family moving forward. 

"You never know when that person close to you will fall victim to any situation like this. It’s been really hard," Reed said.

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