Inmate killed in Fulton Jail stabbing identified, 3 remain hospitalized

One inmate is dead four others injured after a stabbing incident on Thursday afternoon at the Fulton County Jail, according to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office.

The stabbings reportedly happened on the 7th floor of the jail.

Friday, the Fulton County Medical Examiner identified the inmate who was killed as 23-year-old Dayvion Devote Blake. Blake was in custody on two counts of reckless conduct and possession of marijuana and cocaine as well as a battery charge out of Sumter County. He had been in custody since late January 2023.

"It was shocking," said John Ponder, Dayvion Blake’s Uncle. "He didn't deserve to get his life taken like this, everything falls on Rice Street. It's sad that a kid goes to jail and loses their life."

Blake had previously been arrested in 2021 after a high-speed chase through Atlanta. He had been charged with reckless driving, felony theft by receiving stolen property, fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement, and misdemeanor willful obstruction of law enforcement.


Commissioners evaluating options to address ongoing issues at Fulton County Jail

Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts spent the day in discussions with the sheriff, county staff and state lawmakers about the escalating crisis at the Rice Street facility.

"Yes, he's made some mistakes in his life as far as why he ended up in Fulton County Jail, but no matter what happened to why he got there, he should not have died there," Marquis said.

Investigators told FOX 5 they believe the incident was gang related, but Blake's family says he was not in a gang. They say he was a good person and now his 2-year-old daughter will grow up without him.

"He was really sweet, always laughing," said Sonya Marquis, Blake’s Aunt. "He had a great personality, just super nice."

Blake's family says they want an investigation and if there is video they say it needs to be released.

"They do not have enough staff down there on Rice Street, they should hold people accountable for their mistake," Ponder said.

The family says investigators have not told them much, and they question what the sheriff’s office says happened. 

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Three other inmates were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, all with stab wounds. An additional inmate who was stabbed was treated at the jail for injuries.

Nine inmates of the jail have died so far this year. Five of those deaths happened within the past month.

The Fulton County Jail has been in the headlines for months because of multiple deaths at the jail and deplorable conditions. 


It is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for conditions at the jail as well as reports of excessive force, discrimination and failure to provide adequate medical care. 


The investigation was prompted in part by the death of LaShawn Thompson, who died in September 2022 while covered in insects and filth. 

In a statement, Fulton County Sheriff Patrick "Pat" Labat called the violence at the jail "of grave concern but unfortunately is not surprising," citing the overcrowding and poor conditions of the complex.

"We have had an unfortunate series of deaths this year that range from natural causes, to pre-existing health conditions, to homicide. To mitigate the violence and overcrowding, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is in constant negotiations with other detention facilities, including facilities out of state, to outsource inmates.," Labat said. "In addition, we have been coordinating with other agencies to secure additional resources to assist with mass shakedowns and increase the cadence of these shakedowns in order to seize contraband. Since taking office on January 1, 2021, I have been very transparent about the urgent need for a replacement jail that uses smart technology and other common-sense cost saving measures that will relieve the dangerous overcrowding, improve security, provide humane detainment and most importantly save lives."