Thieves steal dozens of wigs meant for cancer patients

Thieves smashed the door of an Alpharetta wig store early Saturday morning, and within minutes, they stole more than $50,000 worth of wigs.

Surveillance video captured two thieves breaking into the front door of the business just after two in the morning.

"They took over 100 pieces of inventory in a minute and 46 seconds, and you can't replace that overnight, insurance or not," said Yates.

The thieves damaged much of the salon and swiped many pieces made for cancer patients. "We give people options," said Yates. "We give people hope, and for someone to try and take that away, it's just senseless, and it's heartless," he said.

Yates says this cruel theft will set him back for weeks, stopping him from doing what he loves most. "It's nice to be able to help people who need help when they feel like they have nowhere else to turn to," he said of creating custom wigs for cancer patients and others who just want to feel like themselves again.

This business owner says he just hopes these crooks will be caught. Alpharetta Police ask anyone with information on the two men to contact them immediately.

Yates said replacing his inventory is going to be made even more complicated because the coronavirus has already slowed down production of many of his wigs.